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Infiniti Mobile is an approved service provider for the Lifeline Program supported by the United States Government. When you qualify for the Lifeline Program, you may be eligible for free a smartphone in Vermont.

The Lifeline Program in Vermont was created to ensure that every household with low-income in Vermont has access to fundamental phone and data services and can stay connected to emergency services, friends, family and are able to communicate with school and the workplace. It’s incredibly easy to see if you qualify. Check out more information below.

Unlike traditional wireline phones, wireless Devices may be removed from the home. If a Device is the only phone in your home, residents will not have the ability to call 911 emergency services when the handset is removed from that location. Additionally, if your Device cannot acquire a signal due to poor mobile reception, you may not be able to complete 911 emergency calls. You also will not be able to contact 911 if your Device is not charged. In those instances, you should dial 911 from the nearest landline phone.

To maintain Infiniti Mobile Lifeline service, regulations require that, unless a subscriber has a regular billing and payment relationship with us, the subscriber must use the service every 30 days. At or before 30 days of non-use, Infiniti Mobile will provide subscribers with notice that failure to use the Lifeline services within a 15-day notice period will result in de-enrollment. If a subscriber does not respond to the notice or use the service before the end of the 15-day notice period, Infiniti Mobile is required to and will deactivate and de-enroll the subscriber from Lifeline service.

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Our Lifeline Services Plan includes the following monthly perks: