ACP Wind Down

FCC Announces April 2024 as the Last Fully Funded Month for ACP Benefits

With that, the FCC is taking steps now to notify consumers that this program is winding down.

What’s happening with the ACP Program?

Without additional funding from Congress, the allotted $14.2 billion to fund the ACP is projected to run out in April 2024 (this date is an estimate and may change). As a result, the FCC has begun taking steps to wind down the ACP, which means:

  • ACP applications and enrollments will not be processed after February 7, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET.
  • Households who have applied, been approved, and are receiving the monthly internet discount before February 8, 2024 will continue to receive their ACP benefit until ACP funds run out, as long as the household remains enrolled in the program.
  • After the ACP funds run out (projected in April 2024), households participating in the ACP will no longer receive the ACP discounts.

What are the important dates I should be aware of regarding the ACP wind-down?

  • February 7, 2024: This is the last day that the ACP will accept new applications and enrollments. Eligible households must be approved and enrolled with an internet company by 11:59 PM ET on February 7th to receive the ACP benefit. Starting February 8, 2024, there will be no more enrollments into the ACP.
  • Starting late January 2024: Households that are currently receiving a monthly ACP benefit will start to receive notices from their internet providers with information about the end of the ACP benefit. This information will include timing of the end of the program and the impact of the loss of the benefit on the household’s bill and service.
  • April 2024: The FCC anticipates existing ACP funding to run out in April 2024 if Congress does not provide additional funding. Consumers that are enrolled in the ACP will continue to receive their benefit on their internet service through April 2024. This date is an estimate and may change.

Infiniti Mobile will be contacting existing customers affected by this change and letting them know what their options for continued service are.

Although the ACP program is winding down, Infiniti Mobile will continue to offer Lifeline services to eligible consumers.

How can YOU affect change?

Please urge your state representative to approve the ACP funding!

Visit the site bellow using the link or QR code. Enter your address and your state representative information should pop up.
Then, just enter your contact information and click send to submit a pre-written email. Super easy!