Connecting to Healthcare

Improving healthcare access is a key pillar for the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs.

In today’s digital age, telehealth has become increasingly popular for providing healthcare services remotely. However, one of the major obstacles in providing telehealth services is the lack of affordable connectivity in many areas. This is where the Affordable Connectivity Program comes in. 

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government initiative that aims to provide affordable internet connectivity to underserved areas. This program has become crucial in ensuring that telehealth services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or income.

With the Affordable Connectivity Program, people living in rural or remote areas can have access to high-speed internet, which is necessary for video conferencing and other telehealth services. This means that individuals who live far away from medical facilities can receive the same level of care as those who live in urban areas.

Furthermore, the Affordable Connectivity Program is vital in reducing healthcare costs. By providing affordable internet connectivity, telehealth services can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare services. This not only benefits patients but also healthcare providers, who can save on overhead costs associated with in-person consultations.

Moreover, the Affordable Connectivity Program plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes. Patients who live in remote areas or have mobility issues can receive care without having to travel long distances or physically visit healthcare facilities. This means that patients can receive timely care, leading to better health outcomes.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a critical initiative that plays a vital role in ensuring that telehealth services are accessible to everyone. With affordable internet connectivity, patients can access high-quality healthcare services, irrespective of their location or income. It is a cost-effective way of delivering healthcare services that leads to better health outcomes, and it is an essential component of modern healthcare delivery.


Infiniti Mobile is proud to partner with Equiva Health in delivering Digital Health Solutions utilizing the Affordable Connectivity Program to help bridge the digital divide in healthcare. You can read more about this partnership here.

If you are a healthcare organization seeking to learn more about telehealth or digital health care solutions, please contact us.

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