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3 Ways to Protect Your Android Phone from Hackers

By Infiniti Mobile
3 Ways to Protect Your Android Phone from Hackers

Your smartphone can be a valuable tool that lets you stay connected with the most important people in your life. You can use your Android phone to check on loved ones, contact businesses about necessary services, or just browse the web when you have a few minutes of downtime.

With your smartphone playing such a big role in your life, it is important that you take steps to keep it in top working order.

While your biggest concerns may include damaging your phone by dropping it or having it stolen when you are out and about, it’s also important to guard against hacking.

Cyber attacks such as hacking are becoming increasingly common. Contrary to popular belief, hackers are not just targeting computers and laptops, either. Personal use smartphones are a popular target because they contain lots of valuable personal data like passwords and contact information.

Below, we’ll identify three simple steps that you can take to protect your Android phone from hackers. We’ll also show you how you can access free government smartphones in Nevada through the Lifeline Program.

1. Install a VPN

Like many smartphone users, you probably take advantage of public WiFi networks to conserve your monthly data allowance. While this is a great practice, using these networks without protection can endanger your confidential information.

If you are going to use WiFi networks, we recommend that you install a VPN app first. A VPN or virtual private network allows you to safely send and receive data on public WiFi. You should use a VPN next time you are browsing the web at your favorite coffee shop, library, or other public places.

2. Only Use Apps from Google Play

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an Android owner is to download apps from unusual sources. Installing apps that you find on websites can contain malicious software that will compromise your data. If you want to avoid these risks, only download apps from the Google Play store.

Google carefully screens apps before they are displayed on the Google Play store. However, counterfeits can still make their way into these digital stores. Therefore, you should carefully read the reviews and descriptions of each app before you download them.

If a particular app has a high percentage of negative reviews, you may want to find a similar program that performs the same tasks.

3. Ditch Old Apps

Have you ever downloaded an intriguing new app, used it once, and never opened it again? If so, trust us — you are not alone. Millions of Android users do the exact same thing.

While that unused app may seem harmless, it can actually make your phone vulnerable to hackers. Many of these apps store account data, such as your email and password on a server. If one of these servers gets hacked, cybercriminals can access your valuable data. We recommend deleting your accounts and the apps if you do not plan to use them again.

In addition to deleting unused apps, you must regularly update the programs that you are actively using. These updates add new features to existing apps and resolve any security concerns that developers may have uncovered. The simplest solution is to turn on the automatic update feature when it’s available.

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