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How Low Income Families Can Get a Free Cell Phone

By Infiniti Mobile
How Low Income Families Can Get a Free Cell Phone

These days, cell phones and data plans are an important part of daily life. But what happens to those who simply cannot afford the cost of a traditional cell and data package?

Living without a cell phone makes life challenging. Cell phones have become a vital link to information, social contacts, work, and even education for most Americans. Without a smartphone, keeping ahead of even basic needs can be tough.

Fortunately, there’s a Maryland Lifeline Program available to lower-income individuals and households. This program is ideal when income is restricted, but a cell phone and data plan are required.

Understanding the Maryland Lifeline Program

The Maryland Lifeline Program is part of a larger initiative by the federal government to keep families across America connected. The program aims to provide communication access no matter what income struggles are a reality.

Originally established in 1985, the program began with the belief that every American deserves access to communication technology.

The program has not ignored the rise of cell phones and smartphones. In recent years, it has changed to provide qualifying members with access to free or discounted smartphones and data plans.

Under the terms of the program, every household that qualifies is eligible for a Lifeline Program benefit. This eligibility exists for the Maryland Lifeline Program as well. In fact, the federal Lifeline Program extends to all states, commonwealth territories, and tribal lands across the United States.

Who Qualifies for the Lifeline Program?

Low-income households make up a large portion of the benefit recipient pool for the Lifeline Program. To qualify as a low-income household, residents must be living at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty line.

This income-based approach to program approval is extremely useful for many Americans. However, the program is also open to those already participating in many other government-sponsored programs.

Some of these include Federal Public Housing Assistance, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and Medicaid.

Those individuals receiving supplemental security income may be eligible for a free or discounted phone through the program. The same goes for those receiving veterans’ pensions and survivor benefits. The Lifeline Program also includes tribal programs as qualifying groups.

How Can Low Income Families Apply?

Once an individual or household has determined that they are eligible for the program, applying to Lifeline is relatively simple. If determining eligibility is difficult, the team at Infiniti Mobile is here to help.

We regularly work with customers to see if they qualify based on basic information and a program search. We’ll help verify other program participation details that may help customers qualify too.

The application process asks applicants to provide their contact information. This information includes a name, address, and often a Social Security number or tribal number.

Applicants should also be prepared to provide all relevant income statements. These document requests also extend to pension and retirement statements.

Once all of the required documentation has been submitted, the application is sent over for program approval. After the application is approved, members can work one-on-one with the team at Infiniti Mobile to pick a phone and data plan that works best for them.

At Infiniti Mobile, we recognize just how important it is for everyone to have a phone. These devices are vital for connection, work, and setting safety standards that provide peace of mind. We’re always happy to help customers with the Lifeline Program qualification and application process for these reasons and so many more.

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