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Top Reasons to Get Free Government Smartphones in Kentucky

By Infiniti Mobile
Top Reasons to Get Free Government Smartphones in Kentucky

These days, having a cell phone is practically a requirement in order to stay connected to family members, friends, and employers. But cell phones as we know them have gone through many changes over the past several years.

While early cell phones were designed to simply replicate the abilities of landline phones, each passing year brings more complex models to the market that are able to do so much more than their predecessors!

While all these advances are great, many Kentucky residents have avoided upgrading to a smartphone, as the new features can often rack up significant costs for users.

However, some Kentucky residents can have access to free smartphones subsidized by a unique government program.

If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, you’re not the only one! Before we provide some additional details about how residents are getting free government smartphones in Kentucky with exceptional cell service, let’s discuss some of the primary reasons why upgrading to a smartphone from your older cell phone model is the right move.

Smartphones Are Vital to Modern Society

The modern world is more connected than ever before. With the rise of the internet and various types of social media platforms, most people are accustomed to enjoying a certain level of connection between friends, family members, colleagues, and even acquaintances.

Having a general understanding of what the people in your life are up to on a day-to-day basis has become extremely commonplace.

No one likes to feel like they’re missing out on important connections, especially when it comes to close friends or family members that you don’t see every day.

The access to texting, images, and social media apps that a smartphone can provide can allow people from all walks of life to maintain close ties with their loved ones with just a few taps on the touch screen.

You Can’t Do Better than Free

Between paying for your housing, transportation, food, and other common expenses like insurance, many Kentucky locals don’t feel like they have the funds left over to pay for a smartphone (or the cell service required for it to work!).

In fact, the relatively high cost of a smartphone and coverage can even keep people who could benefit from a smartphone using their outdated flip phone or landline instead.

Luckily, getting a smartphone doesn’t have to mean signing up for a monthly bill that you can’t afford.

Thanks to the Lifeline Program, which is subsidized by the U.S. government, a large portion of Kentucky residents are eligible to receive a smartphone completely free of charge through Infiniti Mobile.

Why continue to use outdated cell phone models for a monthly fee when you could be leveling up to a smartphone for free? You can’t find a much better deal than that!

Let’s learn more about this amazing program and how you can benefit.

Free Government Smartphones Kentucky – How to Apply

The Lifeline Program is based on the belief that every citizen deserves access to high-quality cellular phone services and capabilities.

This program does more than just connect Kentucky residents to their family and friends; it also helps to provide people with the necessary skills and tools that are necessary to maintain a competitive edge in the modern workforce.

Working alongside Infiniti Mobile’s Emergency Broadband Benefit plan, or EBB, the Lifeline Program provides these services to low-income Kentucky residents that can benefit from a government-provided smartphone.

Keep in mind that Infiniti Mobile’s Lifeline devices aren’t just the bare minimum—you’ll get unlimited calling and texting capabilities, as well as unlimited data!

We know how important it is that all of Kentucky’s hardworking locals have the access to talk, text, and data that they need to do their jobs and stay connected to their loved ones.

Not sure whether you qualify for the Lifeline Program with Infiniti Mobile in Kentucky? If you already qualify for or utilize another government program, such as food stamps, Medicaid, or Supplemental Security Income, you likely qualify for free government smartphones in Kentucky as well. All you need is a valid ID to make sure!

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